The square Pegs
& Round Holes

Frame from Goran Sergej Pristas and Badco. work entitled
Artist Talk
Professor Goran Sergej Pristas

Prof. Goran Sergej Pristaš, the co-founder of the Zagreb artistic collective BADco., gives an artist talk discussing the valorization of cultural institutions.

Karen Winther premier of EXIT for CPH:DOX
Karen Winther

As Norwegian filmmaker Karen Winther is set to premier her second film about her experiences in a Neo-Nazi extremist group, I caught a few words with her regarding the making the film.

Scene from Phie Ambo's film 'When You Look Away'
Danish Filmaker
Phie Ambo

Talking to the creator of one of the most interesting pieces of independent film that I have seen in the last decade, about restructuring her process and re-writing how she worked with film.

Erma Fiend feature image
Gif Animator
Erma Fiend

Talking with the New York based animator whose animated-GIF’s are intentionally walking the line between artistry and entertainment

Harry Baker interview with Blacklisted Magazine
English Slam Poet
Harry Baker

I got a chance to verbally spar with the Hampshire slam poet, that's taking the TED talk world by storm, about his rise to success as a wordsmith and his forthcoming performance at the CPH English poetry slam.

Peter Dyreborg interview with Blacklisted
Copenhagen Poet
Peter Dryeborg

I sat down with Denmark's defender of the spoken word, Peter Dyreborg, to speak about his career as a slam poet, and heralding in a new era of modern poetry in Denmark

Accursed Growth! at Ark Books for Blacklisted Copenhagen
Arc Books

As part of this year's KBH Læser festival, Ark books has put together an evening filled with guest speakers and reading on the concept of growth

An illustration of Jan Sneum for Blacklisted Magazine
Radio Journalist
Jan Sneum

Meeting with 70 year old Danish radio icon for a browse through Insula records and some reminiscing over coffee