& Sound

OWMI press photo for Blacklisted Copenhagen
Copenhagen Soul / R&B

Speaking with the two masterminds behind the promising new soul project OWMI which has been permeating the streets of Copenhagen

Copenhagen Post Punk
Cosmic Waves

The four-piece Copenhagen post-punk band Cosmic Waves kicks out their latest video and tell us all about the joy of making it DIY

White Dominos frame from single 'Heartbeats'
Danish Rock
White Dominos

The three-piece Aarhus band releases their new EP with the single ‘Heartbeats’

Mythic Sunship press photo for Blacklisted Copenhagen
Psychedelic Album Review
Mythic Sunship

The culmination of a decade-long journey results in one of the most ambitious psychedelic space-rock album to date.

New Album
Spiral Void

Spiral Void's latest album, Atom Bomb Sky, 1955, gives life to the digital rabbit holes of the present.

PLX Tjärö Festival

The small Swedish island festival of PLX Tjärö is leading up to its second year, and I sit down with one of its organizers to learn more about what they have planned for this year.

Album Reviews
Oneohtrix Point Never and SOPHIE

Eerie New Albums from Oneohtrix Point Never and SOPHIE

Michael Paradise portrait for Blacklisted
Indie-pop Album Review
MIchael Paradise

Toronto's Indie-pop artist Michael Paradise kicks out another single that dives into deeper subject matter.

Neo R&B
Sawa Manga

Neo-R&B soaked South London’s musical imaginary

Behind the Scene of The Van music video
New Single
The Van

As the four-piece releases the first video of their new album, I take the opportunity to jibber-jabber on a record that has been on continuous rotation on my speakers.

Acid Jazz
Mathias Heise Quadrillion

Letting the waves of raw musicianship wash over us as we kick out another Spirit Session – this time with the four-piece Danish fusion band Mathius Heise Quadrillion.

Synth Pop
Shy Shy Shy

Repeated listens to the Copenhagen duo’s new album ‘Make Up’ have created some entertaining, and hilarious, suggested playlists.

Cosmic Waves interview with Blacklisted Magazine
Post Punk
Cosmic Waves

The Copenhagen four-piece speaks about their debut single, being a part of a queer feministic music collective, and life in the Danish DIY music scene.

Spirit Sessions with The Van for Blacklisted Magazine
Live Concert with The Van
Spirit Sessions

Sitting down with the iconic Danish rock band The Van, formerly known as 'The Blue Van,' to hear about their history and what led them to reinvent their sound under a newer, shorter, name.

Marshall Cecil interview with Blacklisted
New Single
Marshall Cecil

Contrary to the impression that the title of the track may give you, the newest single from Copenhagen’s moody trio, is a sonic journey through ethereal soundscapes that evoke part melancholia, part satire, and part ritual.

Heimatt Spirit Session PR photograph
Spirit Sessions

In the second instalment of our Spirit Sessions performances, hosted at Copenhagen Distillery, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Heimatt gives us another look at the title track from his latest album.

Garage Punk
EGA Legionnaire

Talking burnt popcorn, paper airplanes, garage-punk, and giant Danish lizards with one of Copenhagen’s most eccentric bands.

Former Commodity #4
Tobias Kirstein

Musician and artist Alexander Holm curates another exhibition in his 'Former Commodity' series with guest artist Tobias Kirstein, and we exchanged some words with Kirsten about the process.

Copenhagen music producer
Shadow Ray

Forsaking traditional live music structures, Shadow Ray follows more artistic practices in order to explore the limits of studio composition

Foonyap photo by Anastasia Lutz Orozco for interview with Blacklisted
Canadian Indie Pop

Speaking with the Chinese / Canadian song bird about growing up split between two cultures and how a mix of classical training and rebellion has shaped her sound

Son Ash Andreas Pallisgaard album art - photo for Blacklisted
Danish Sound Artist
Son Ash

Musical aficionado Andreas Pallisgaard takes his years of collaborative expertise and compiles them together of his recent solo album, ‘Easy Listening for the Hearing Impaired.’

Per Bloch portrait by Lars-Schwander
Danish Album remix
Per Bloch

One year after artist/musician Per Bloch hit the scene with an album that defied logic, he's back at the workbench remaking it into something even stranger.

Eric Nally artwork image for the single 'Believe'
Cincinnati Pop / R&B Artist
Eric Nally

From post-hardcore wailing and arena rock prowess, to creating hits with Macklemore, Eric Nally has led a roller coaster life that has culminated in his first upcoming solo album.

HVASS artwork for the Album 'Nightlife'
Copenhagen Post Rock

Reconnecting with the man behind the experimental indie band to see how their sound and artistic take on music composition has evolved for their new album

Bleach Blondes live at KB18
Copenhagen Post-Rock Album Release
Bleach Blondes

In a wave of cookie-cutter, 1990's alternative, knock-off bands, Copenhagen's Bleach Blondes slices through the monotony with an EP that pays homage to the era while still maintaining an original sound.

Lorenzo Woodrose illustration by J.Scott Stratton
A Danish Psychedelic Icon
Lorenzo Woodrose

Talking about the rollercoaster ride of music and rock n’ roll which led the helmsman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat to go back to basics for his latest music project.

Former Commodity #3
Vid Edda

In the third instalment of the Former Commodity series, we see the exploration of the minute spaces between idea and execution.

Bellhound Choir at Spirit Sessions
Copenhagen Muddy Blues
Bellhound Choir

Sitting down with musician Christian Hede Madsen to talk about his solo project Bellhound Choir and making the transition from metal to blues.

German house duo
Booka Shade featuring Craig Walker

The dynamic duo from Frankfurt are casting new shadows on the streets of Copenhagen.

Danish Psycho-metal

Talking with the noise rock sextet, Narcosatanicos, about their jazzy riffs over heavy distortion, their origin story, and their writing process

Fritz Kalkbrenner press photographs for Blacklisted Copenhagen
German DJ and music producer
Fritz Kalkbrenner

The German DJ and Producer Fritz Kalkbrenner returns to Copenhagen to present his newest album 'Grand Départ'

The Black Heart Procession for Blacklisted Copenhagen
San Diego indie rock
The Black Heart Procession

Exchanging some words with musical icon Pal Jenkins on his 20-year musical career with The Black Heart Procession

Blah Blah Blah
Methyl Ethel

How to put zero effort into an interview while looking like a vapid hipster cliché

AyoWa band portrait for Blacklisted Copenhagen
Danish Syth Pop

The Danish snyth-duo talk about their inspiration and processes behind juxtaposing lyrics and musical vibe.

M.I.L.K interview for Blacklisted
Danish Indie Pop

I take myself on a groove tour with Emil Wilk’s as he tells me about his thoughts and process behind his solo musical project M.I.L.K

Lemaitre interview with Blacklisted Magazine
Norwegian electronic

We spar with the Norwegian duo Lemaitre about their musical process, commercial success and their upcoming gig at Pumpehuset

Danish DJ & Music producer
Anastasia Kristensen

A dark rise on the horizon might be bringing you some of the best techno you’ll hear for a while.

An illustration of Jan Sneum for Blacklisted Magazine
Radio Journalist
Jan Sneum

Meeting with 70 year old Danish radio icon for a browse through Insula records and some reminiscing over coffee

john the Houseband photo by Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir
Performance Band
John the Houseband

Catching up with the cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary performance collective/musical sensation John the Houseband before their performance at this years Works at Work festival

Danish Sound & Visual Artist
Alexander Holm

An interesting exhibition at Copenhagen's DANSEatelier involving a group of creative minds, but with one man at it's center. Alexander Holm.

Sebastian Hvass portrait for Blacklisted article 2016
Danish Post Rock Artist
Sebastian Hvass

Talking with a musician who is throwing out all the rules regarding how to compose music.