& Stage

Italian Performance Artist
Francesca Fini

Speaking with Italian multidisciplinary video and performance artist Francesca Fini about creating work to exist within a digital reality.

Virtual Reality Artist
Dooley Murphy

Exploring the uncomfortable actualities of mediation through the VR art of Dooley Murphy.

Danish Artist and Illustrator
Eva Kragh Petersen

Stopping to consider the intimacy of pain in a world beyond our control through the paintings of Eva Kragh Petersen

Stephanie Rittler 'Made in Germany'
Installation Art
Stephanie Rittler

Artists Stefanie Rittler and Jan Bernstein talk about their latest project ‘Made in Germany’ and how she uses subjects of consumption and apathy to fuel her work.

Mixed Media Paintings
Helena Sokol

An examination of the profane in the sacred in Helena Sokol's first solo show I C U Smiling.

PLX Tjärö Festival

The small Swedish island festival of PLX Tjärö is leading up to its second year, and I sit down with one of its organizers to learn more about what they have planned for this year.

Artistic Choreography
Declan Whitaker

The Irish choreographer describes his research on audience experience in modern performance and how to test the limits of attention span

choreography in action
Kitt Johnson

Preceding her guest artist talk for the Choreography in Action series, Danish choreographer Kitt Johnson takes a moment to speak about her career, her fascination with existentialist themes, and the subordinate elements of performance.

Frame from Goran Sergej Pristas and Badco. work entitled
Artist Talk
Professor Goran Sergej Pristas

Prof. Goran Sergej Pristaš, the co-founder of the Zagreb artistic collective BADco., gives an artist talk discussing the valorization of cultural institutions.

Zuhra Halil interview with Blacklisted
Art & Fashion
Zuhra Hilal

Copenhagen-based Afghan artist Zuhra Hilal speaks about her training in fashion design, and her use of clothing and textile, to explore larger conceptual ideas.

Blacklisted Tora Baslev interview about SPLASTIC
Tora Balslev

Choreographer Tora Balslev speaks about the work she, and dancer Cath Borch Jensen, did exploring the perceived limitations of the human body and how non-normative bodies affect our perception of what we can and cannot do.

research photo of the Fanclub performance 'We Are Dancers'
Danish Choreographic Collective

It’s an evening of the nomadic, as the Copenhagen-based ambulant collective Fanclub joins the now temporarily vagabond Dansehallenre for their latest iteration of We Are Dancers

Tekeraoi am Mananga! Good luck on your journey. Photo by Per Morten Arahamsen
Site Specific Performance
Ingrid Tranum Velásquez and Pelenise Alofa

Speaking with Ingrid Tranum Velásquez and Pelenise Alofa (of the Island nation of Kiribati) about their performance and plight of a sinking nation

MESHES rehearse photoshoot for Blacklisted
Danish Choreography

Taking a deeper look at the four-piece collective that is trying to blur the lines between beats, body, choreography and musical composition

Press photo of Jernej Bizjak by Institute 0.1
Slovenian Choreographic Collective
Institute 0.1

Speaking with choreographer and dancer Jernej Bizjak of Slovenia’s Institute 0.1 about artistic community, funding, and his research into anxiety and powerlessness

Willi Dorner: bodies in urban spaces. Photographer: Lisa Rastl
Site Specific Performance
Willi Dorner

Celebrating 10 years of touring the globe, Willi Dorner’s landmark performance-piece is squeezing itself into the tightest spaces of Copenhagen.

Snørre from Danseaterlier at Carrierbag Festival
Performance Festival

After the premier of their first festival at Dansehallerne, the choreographers of Danseatelier brought it back home for some fun in their own space.

Forgotten Friends interview with Just in F. Kennedy
Site Specific Performance
Just in F. Kennedy

Getting a little schooling about the history of Caribbean colonialism, while chit-chatting with Berlin-based choreographer Just in F. Kennedy

Tine Tarpgaard 'As I Collapse' for Blacklisted Copenhagen
Danish Choreographer
Tine Tarpgaard

Co-founder of Recoil Performance group, Tine Tarpgaard’s brings us her first chapter of choreographic works dealing with ecological sustainability.

Ann Garner collection of work for Blacklisted
Performance Artist
Anna Garner

Anna Garner in conversation with our partner ArtFile Magazine's Jade Yumang

Efva Lilja interview with Blacklisted Magazine
Swesish choreographer and Artistic Director
Efva Lilja

Speaking to the artistic director of Dansehallerne, Efva Lilja, about the changes coming to the house and the ongoing battles with bureaucratic policy

DANSEatelier in practice
Danish Choreography Collective

DANSEAtelier is collective of artists and choreographers that began as an emergent idea of shared collectivity while attending the The Danish National School of Performing Arts

john the Houseband photo by Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir
Performance Band
John the Houseband

Catching up with the cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary performance collective/musical sensation John the Houseband before their performance at this years Works at Work festival

White Horse Collective press photo for 'Trip' enmasse
Choreographic Collective
White Horse Collective

Speaking with choreographers of White Horse Collective of their iconic piece ‘Trip’, and reuniting with the piece after nearly a decade