White Dominos kick out ‘Dying For A Change’

The three-piece Aarhus band releases their new EP with the single ‘Heartbeats’

Published: November 1, 2018
Words: J.Scott Stratton
Artist Facebook: whitedominos
Artist Insta: @whitedominos

Something has to be said about the power of a good rock and roll break-up song. It’s been a staple of the genre from the moment Elvis belted out Heartbreak Hotel in 1956 – and just like the unstoppable freight train that is rock and roll, Chelsea boots, hip swagger, and heartache aren’t going anywhere.

Now I review a lot of music during my days. Email after email from labels and PR people all around the globe sending all manner of strange eclectic sounds. In fact, I’ve found that as we focus a lot of our articles on artists outside of the music genre, it seems that more “artsy” bands are what most assume that we will be interested in.

But I can say with surety, that we are not above a good guitar riff. And this is what was refreshing about receiving an email about a new EP from a rock band called White Dominos from Aarhus (the second largest city after Copenhagen, on the west side of Denmark – for those of you international readers).

Their recent single ‘Heartbeats’ off their newest EP Dying For A Change is exactly what I needed to hear as I stared down the mornings’ emails and tasks – a no-nonsense pop-rock jam about two people falling out of love. It was simple, familiar, and easy to get into. No bothering with inquiries about conceptual development or artistic practices. Just good old rock and roll.

There are a lot of good things coming out of Aarhus and the other neighboring cities in Denmark these days. Like any large city, Copenhagen can sometimes feel full of itself, whereas the second and third cities can’t afford to be pretentious. They just gotta make shit, and make it good. And that is exactly what the boys from White Dominos are doing.

After plowing through the video for the single ‘Heartbeats’ a few times while I wrote this, I pop on the EP, and it didn’t disappoint. Back in my Seattle days, in the early 00’s, there was a small scene of bands kicking out very similar sounds to what White Dominos are doing. Post Stardom Depression, Loudermilk, Gosling, no name a few – they defined a kind of second-wave of Seattle indie-rock. White Dominos strikes a similar chord (pun intended) with their new EP, and it did exactly what good rock and roll is supposed to do – it got the blood flowing.

Looking into the future, I can imagine that Aarhus trio will be filling the halls of various Danish venues with their sound. But for those of you outside the border, give the guys a follow, an email, maybe try and set them up with a gig in your country.