Losing control under chilled-out beats

Toronto's Indie-pop artist Michael Paradise kicks out another single that dives into deeper subject matter.

Published: July 16, 2018Words: Tom HoltenSoundcloud: @michaelparadisemusicArtist Web: michaelparadisemusic.com

With just a couple singles under his belt, Michael Paradise rode a wave of indie-pop and chillwave bands that have recently come across my desk. And even with such a minimal oeuvre, I’m eager to see where Mr. Paradise goes next.

Now I need to be honest here, I first had this article drafted out as a serious look into Michael Paradise’s work and the new single – exploring a comment he made about his own work:

“I have a knack for misplacing trivial, but sometimes valuable, things in my life and it has always driven me a little mad. In the recent months, I’ve lost a lot more – things that aren’t trivial. “lost control” is about just that – the lack of control we have over a life that feels like we are in control of, and the madness that ensues.”

I began to dive into the work in comparison to other similar sounding artists popping up on my radar – New York’s Gus Dapperton, Seattle’s U.S.F, Copenhagen’s M.I.L.K. I listened to the single in repetition, looking for the mood and juxtaposition between heavy lyrical content and light sound.

Yet, as I began to write, the article began to shift into this tongue-and-cheek commentary on whole bit on the ridiculousness of this sub-sub-sub genre term Chillwave – a genre Michael’s work has often been described as.

This led me off onto a side rant about incredibly pretentious sub-genres of music like Glo-fi, Hypnogogic Pop, and Yacht Rock and how they automatically conjure images of dickheads in vintage Member’s Only jackets, drinking $15 Whole Food smoothies, while talking about their “cathartic experience” at South by Southwest.

At that point, the whole article had fallen apart – lacking in any cohesion. So, I went back to listening to Paradise’s new single. As I let the chilled out rhythms and the trip-hop beat hopefully guide me into a new reverie, I started reading Paradise’s “about” section on his Soundcloud account.

And with that…my work was done for me.

Rather than regurgitating the PR material, or trying to whip up something clever, I will leave you with Michael Paradise’s own story (fact or fiction be damned), while you listen to his newest single.

“Michael Paradise is an indie-pop artist from Toronto. He spent his formative years as director of Baffin Island’s PR team, while simultaneously completing the first of his award-winning mayonnaise research projects.

After an extremely successful fellowship at Heinz, Michael was forced to flee Canada due to the fabled “Ironic” court case in which Alanis Morissette accused him of stealing her ‘95 hit for Nunavut Tourism’s now infamous promotional theme song.

The young publicist and condiment celebrity settled in Tanzania, where he began teaching sign language. It was during these escapades in East Africa that Michael penned the platinum certified hit “Leopards Love Yogurt” spurring riots in capitals around the world, when protesters took to the streets to decry what many considered a disturbing departure from the artist’s earlier condiment-based work.

However, a quick succession of relish and BBQ sauce themed re-releases of “Ironic” landed Michael back in the spotlight, and earned him a jail stint in Ontario’s Kingston Penitentiary for copyright infringement. After 18 years in prison, Michael is making his Toronto debut under the pseudonym, Michael Paradise. He’s hoping this self-declared reference to his golden years will make up for any hurt feelings among his dedicated mayonnaise, yogurt, or frigid tundra-loving fans.”