Methyl Ethel

How to put zero effort into an interview while looking like a vapid hipster cliché.

Published: March 19, 2017Words: Methyl Ethel & J. Scott Stratton

Can you tell me a little bit about your songwriting process?

Isolated like a caged tiger pacing back and forth. 60% scrapped material. Metaphorical head beaten against a brick wall. Moments of clarity and bliss that make up for everything. It’s an addiction.

This is one hell of a tour that you’re on, do you put the songwriting on hold while traveling?

Unfortunately it has to take a backseat of sorts. I work as much as I can when at home so that I can take projects away and at least listen and work on bits and pieces while on the road.

Can you tell me about your latest album Everything is Forgotten?

It’s a little darker than the first record. James Ford helped me finish it in London. It was recorded also in Melbourne, West Perth and Injidup.

Do you work in concepts as a band? Or is each song individual?

I work on it alone. It’s pretty individual

There is a little bit of an upbeat tempo to this album compared to Oh Human Spectacle, can you tell me about that?

Just a choice to have faster tempos really.

What can people expect from your live shows?

We’ve grown into a four piece band. The songs have become a little fuller which is nice for us.

Have you played in Copenhagen before?

We played at Roskilde. That’s as close as we’ve come so far.

Do you have anything special planned for the show in Copenhagen?

Maybe we do, but that’s a suprise.