Jay Gard exhibition at Gether Contemporary. Photos by Kristiina Kooma for Blacklisted Copenhagen

Photos of Jay Gard's 'Colors' exhibition at Gether Contemporary

I popped into to see the latest work by the Berlin-based artist.

Published: October 25, 2018Photos & Words: Kristiina KoomaArtist Link: jaygard.deExhibition Details: http://www.gethercontemporary.com/

My first impression about the exhibition was its abstractness, but I really liked that the Jat Gard was exploring color. Which is obvious not only because of the exhibition’s name but because of how he worked with the idea of color. It was nice that he approached the color theme in a scientific way. I could sense that Gald was interested in the nature of the color and how each human being can perceive it so different ways. Also having in mind that the day light can change the color to look different even if the viewer is the same person. The colors can look very different on a sunny day and on a cloudy gray day. The exhibition runs until November, so I almost could suggest seeing the exhibition twice, trying to find different weather conditions to get the full experience of it.