Italian Performance Artist
Francesca Fini
Enhancing performative work with new medias
Sculpture Installation
Anne Kristin Kristiansen
An Interview with Anne Kristin Kristiansen
Street and Urban Artist
From outside in and inside out
Copenhagen Soul / R&B
The Shape of Soul to Come
A conversation in the studio
Simon Ganshorn
The shapes of desire
Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Artist
Riccardo Matlakas
Removing the borders of art and society
Virtual Reality Artist
Dooley Murphy
An Interview with Dooley Murphy
Danish Artist and Illustrator
Eva Kragh Petersen
An Interview with Eva Kragh Petersen
Eighteen Exhibition
Geoff Mcfetridge
Coming Back Is Half The Trip
Copenhagen Post Punk
Cosmic Waves
New single ‘Dead Night’
New York multi-discipline artist
Molly Rapp
Paint, sculpture, and projecting female strength