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Blacklisted Copenhagen is a non-profit, curated, cultural events listing city of Copenhagen.
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Wanna spread the love?

So maybe you have an event that you are hosting, or maybe you know of an event that you think needs a little more attention, or maybe you’re the artist that is going to stand on stage and scream like a banshee and you want more people to listen —either way, that is what we are counting on. The love needs to be spread like smooth butter on white bread, and blacklisted is the place that you can do it.


But, there are some things that we ask of the lovely folks that are sharing their events with us, which will help boost the production value of the event and make it more interesting to people that see it — no first born children or painful scars, we can assure you.


Below are some simple guidelines that we have laced out to make sure that the material that you send us follows the design guidelines of our website, and will make it easier for us to review your event for our surated list.


No money, no problems.

Blacklisted is a collective project for the community and a registered non-profit, so we don’t require payment for promoting a local cultural event. It’s not a model that will see us floating on a yacht anytime soon, but promoting culture is more of a public service than it is a cash cow, and we intend to keep it that way.


Our list of cultural event for each week is curated though, which means we only select an handful of events (usually falling between Thursday and Saturday), so the sooner you get an event to us, and the more it follows our guidelines the more likely it is that we will promote it.

Two weeks notice

There’s a lot of cool shit happening in this city, and we have made a choice to not cover all of it. Instead, we focus on the events that we feel the strongest about, with a looze goal of trying to premote one music event, one stage-arts event, and one art/gallery event each day between Thursday and Saturday.


We aim to provide a tight curated list of events each week that people can trust to be interesting, so if you have an event that you want to share with us, we ask that you try and contact us about it two weeks prior to the event day. This will give us time to consider it, and schedule it for our list.

¿Habla usted inglés?

Everything on Blacklisted is done in English, but it has nothing to do with any references to American or English roots—if everyone in the world spoke Esperanto, then we’d write in that goofy language. We simply want a place where everyone in the city of Copenhagen, not only Danish speakers, can get info on events and inspiring creative people.


Therefor, we recommend sending us a description of your event in English, unless you want to leave it up to the gods of Google translate — who have been known to be grossly inadequate at their jobs. We won’t reject an event if it’s in Danish, but it gives us alot less work to do if it’s already described in English.



Landscape like Bob Ross

Unfortunatly, this still isn’t 2050, where computers don’t exist and we can just beam the events directly into your head, so we ask that you fit your PR designs to match computer screens — landscape like Bob Ross and all his happy trees.


We understand that sometime you need to make PR design for printing a poster, but we just want to make clear that if we get PR material in portrait, we will have to crop in a weird way to make it fit our web design.



Unless you want your event images to look like graphics from a Generation One Nintendo, then the higher the resolution the better.


We request a least as large as:

1500px X 750px


Yeps, we work in all kinds of video, but Vimeo and Youtube work for us best. So simply send us the link, and we can use it on the site.


If none of this makes any sense, or was so boring you fell into a coma between the top of the page and here, then just feel free to write to us and ask any questions — we’re nice people. You can also send us all the goodies about your event, so we can make sure to consider it for our curated list. Cheers!