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Talking burnt popcorn, paper airplanes, garage-punk, and giant Danish lizards with one of Copenhagen’s most eccentric bands.

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Former Commodity #4 – Tobias Kirstein

Musician and artist Alexander Holm curates another exhibition in his 'Former Commodity' series with guest artist Tobias...

Shadow Ray Anders Holst press photo for Blacklisted
Experimental Pop

Video Premier: ‘Far Away’ by Shadow Ray

Forsaking traditional live music structures, Shadow Ray follows more artistic practices in order to explore the limits of...

Foonyap photo by Anastasia Lutz Orozco for interview with Blacklisted
Experimental Pop

The other worldly sounds of Foonyap

Speaking with the Chinese / Canadian song bird about growing up split between two cultures and how a mix of classical...

Son Ash Andreas Pallisgaard album art - photo for Blacklisted
Album release

Son Ash

Musical aficionado Andreas Pallisgaard takes his years of collaborative expertise and compiles them together of his recent...

Per Bloch portrait by Lars-Schwander
Album Remake

Per Bloch: KOKORO remakes

One year after artist/musician Per Bloch hit the scene with an album that defied logic, he's back at the workbench remaking...

Eric Nally artwork image for the single 'Ruby'
New Solo Record

The life and times of Eric Nally

From post-hardcore wailing and arena rock prowess, to creating hits with Macklemore, Eric Nally has led a roller coaster life...

HVASS artwork for the Album 'Nightlife'
Experimental Rock

HVASS, ‘Nightlife’, and a Night of Charm

Reconnecting with the man behind the experimental indie band to see how their sound and artistic take on music composition...

Bleach Blondes live at KB18
Sophmore EP release

Bleach Blondes ‘Health’ EP

In a wave of cookie-cutter, 1990's alternative, knock-off bands, Copenhagen's Bleach Blondes slices through the monotony with...

Lorenzo Woodrose illustration by J.Scott Stratton
Psychedelic Rock

Lorenzo Woodrose

Talking about the rollercoaster ride of music and rock n’ roll which led the helmsman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat...

Bellhound Choir at Spirit Sessions
Singer song-writerer

The muddy waters of Bellhound Choir

Sitting down with musician Christian Hede Madsen to talk about his solo project Bellhound Choir and making the transition...

Electronic Music

Booka Shade feature Craig Walker

The dynamic duo from Frankfurt are casting new shadows on the streets of Copenhagen.

Experimental Rock


Talking with the noise rock sextet, Narcosatanicos, about their jazzy riffs over heavy distortion, their origin story, and...

Electronic Music

Fritz Kalkbrenner

The German DJ and Producer Fritz Kalkbrenner returns to Copenhagen to present his newest album 'Grand Départ'

Indie Rock

The Black Heart Procession

Exchanging some words with musical icon Pal Jenkins on his 20-year musical career with The Black Heart Procession

Saturated hipster-ness

Methyl Ethel

How to put zero effort into an interview while looking like a vapid hipster cliché

An illustration of Jan Sneum for Blacklisted Magazine
Music & Life

Coffee and vinyl with Jan Sneum

Meeting with 70 year old Danish radio icon for a browse through Insula records and some reminiscing over coffee

john the Houseband photo by Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir
Performance Band

John the Houseband

Catching up with the cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary performance collective/musical sensation John the Houseband before...

Collective exhibition and Album release

The musical personas of Alexander Holm

Sitting down with musician Christian Hede Madsen to talk about his solo project Bellhound Choir and making the transition...

Sebastian Hvass portrait by Camillo Springborg
Post Rock

HVASS debut album ‘The Flowers of Edo’

Talking with a musician who is throwing out all the rules regarding how to compose music.