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Sophie Dupont’s ‘This will also change’ Exhibition

Danish installation and performance artist Sophie Dupont exhibits her newest collection of work which explores the concepts of vertical and horizontal perception

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Kristin Gunnlaugsdottir 'Superblack'
Double Exhibition
September 2 — December 5

Super Black

Artists Kristín Gunnlaugsdóttir & Margrét Jónsdóttir display a series of artworks that explore of a state of social and social status

EGA Legionnaire
Live Concert
Thursday • Sept 14

EGA Legionnaire & Dan Brodie

Drone has changed it's face, and moving into a new era by kicking out some jams with EGA Legionnaire and Dan Brodie.

Julie Byrne
Live Concert
Tuesday • Sept. 12

Julie Byrne

Smash!Bang!Pow! & Jazzhouse presents of one of this year's best singer- songwriter's Julie Byrne, to delivers an all-embracing splendid vocal performance.

Dont fear the weird
Film Festival
Tuesday • Sept. 12

Don’t Fear the Weird: The Mind & Film Festival 2017

For the second year in a row, experience four days of amazing movies and interesting talks focused on the hustle and bustle of the mind.

The Black Angels PR Photo for Blacklisted event guide
Live Concert
Wednesday • Sept. 13

The Black Angels

Austin psych rockers return to Copenhagen with their uniquely trippy anthems to oblivion after their release of their most iconic record yet, 'Death Song'.