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Press photo of Jernej Bizjak by Institute 0.1

Performance, community and a world full of anxiety

Speaking with choreographer and dancer Jernej Bizjak of Slovenia’s Institute 0.1 about artistic community, funding, and his research into anxiety and powerlessness

MESHES rehearse photoshoot for Blacklisted
Performance Band

The rhythm and moves of MESHES

Taking a deeper look at the four-piece collective that is trying to blur the lines between beats, body, choreography and...

Press photo of Jernej Bizjak by Institute 0.1
Performing Arts & Choreography

Institute 0.1

Speaking with choreographer and dancer Jernej Bizjak of Slovenia’s Institute 0.1 about artistic community, funding, and his...

Willi Dorner: bodies in urban spaces. Photographer: Lisa Rastl
Site specific choreography

Willi Dorner: Bodies in Urban Spaces

Celebrating 10 years of touring the globe, Willi Dorner’s landmark performance-piece is squeezing itself into the tightest...

Snørre from Danseaterlier at Carrierbag Festival
Dance & Choreography

Photos of the Carrierbag Festival

After the premier of their first festival at Dansehallerne, the choreographers of Danseatelier brought it back home for some...

Forgotten Friends interview with Just in F. Kennedy
Site specific choreography

Forgotten friends

Getting a little schooling about the history of Caribbean colonialism, while chit-chatting with Berlin-based choreographer...

Performing Arts

As I Collapse

Co-founder of Recoil Performance group, Tine Tarpgaard’s brings us her first chapter of choreographic works dealing with...

Ann Garner collection of work for Blacklisted
Performance Art

Anna Garner and her slapstick minimalism

Anna Garner in conversation with our partner ArtFile Magazine's Jade Yumang

DANSEatelier in practice
Choreographer collective

The young choreographers of DANSEatelier

DANSEAtelier is collective of artists and choreographers that began as an emergent idea of shared collectivity while...

john the Houseband photo by Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir
Performance Band

John the Houseband

Catching up with the cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary performance collective/musical sensation John the Houseband before...

White Horse Collective press photo for 'Trip' enmasse
Danse company

The White Horse Collective

The dynamic duo from Frankfurt are casting new shadows on the streets of Copenhagen.

Bo Christian Larrson in Gallery Eighteen - Photo by Jan Søndergaard
Installation Art & Exhibition

Bo Christian Larrson ‘Light Traps’

Working from intuition, borrowing from nature, and drawing inspiration from Shakespeare, ‘Light Traps’ is another...

Sophie Dupont
Visual and Performance exhibition

Sophie Dupont’s ‘This will also change’

Visiting the studio of performance and visual artist Sophie Dupont to get a before and after look at her newest work, 'This...

AM DeBrincat 'Plum Sleep' detail from the Hello Sunshine collection
Artist exhibition & discourse

AM DeBrincat and her ‘Hello Sunshine” exhibition

After touching down on Danish soil, I spoke with the NY based artist about her newest collection of work she’ll be...

A selected work from Pete Lamberto's Slowroom Contemporary pop-up gallery
Pop up Gallery

Pete Lamberto’s Slowroom Contemporary

Looking into the motivations behind a brave new pop-up gallery and how the creation of art will always lead to more art

Corey Lamb collection for Blacklisted
Low-Brow Art

Entering the void of artist Corey Lamb

Dipping into the lowbrow art stylings of florida-based artist to get the skinny on his work

Painting & Illustration

Caitlin Hackett’s contemporary mythology

Dipping into the carnal, elegant and ritualistic paintings of Oakland native Caitlin Hackett

Sculpture & Sound Art

Former Commodity #3

In the third installment of the Former Commodity series, we see the exploration of the minute spaces between idea and...

detail of Carla Chan exhibition 'Ashes of Snow' at Den Frie
Installation Art

Carla Chan

The Berlin-based artist talks about her relocation from Hong Kong and her shift from digital medias to analog objects.


Joshua Hagler ‘Missouri Parallels’

Catching up with Los Angeles-based artist Joshua Hagler before his forthcoming exhibition of new works at Galleri Oxholm

Installation & Sound Art

Zeno van den Broek

Meeting with the Copenhagen-based, Dutch sound artist to speak with him about his cross-disciplinary installation and sound...

Foonyap photo by Anastasia Lutz Orozco for interview with Blacklisted
Experimental Pop

The other worldly sounds of Foonyap

Speaking with the Chinese / Canadian song bird about growing up split between two cultures and how a mix of classical...

Son Ash Andreas Pallisgaard album art - photo for Blacklisted
Album release

Son Ash

Musical aficionado Andreas Pallisgaard takes his years of collaborative expertise and compiles them together of his recent...

Per Bloch portrait by Lars-Schwander
Album Remake

Per Bloch: KOKORO remakes

One year after artist/musician Per Bloch hit the scene with an album that defied logic, he's back at the workbench remaking...

Eric Nally artwork image for the single 'Ruby'
New Solo Record

The life and times of Eric Nally

From post-hardcore wailing and arena rock prowess, to creating hits with Macklemore, Eric Nally has led a roller coaster life...

HVASS artwork for the Album 'Nightlife'
Experimental Rock

HVASS, ‘Nightlife’, and a Night of Charm

Reconnecting with the man behind the experimental indie band to see how their sound and artistic take on music composition...

Bleach Blondes live at KB18
Sophmore EP release

Bleach Blondes ‘Health’ EP

In a wave of cookie-cutter, 1990's alternative, knock-off bands, Copenhagen's Bleach Blondes slices through the monotony with...

Lorenzo Woodrose illustration by J.Scott Stratton
Psychedelic Rock

Lorenzo Woodrose

Talking about the rollercoaster ride of music and rock n’ roll which led the helmsman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat...

Bellhound Choir at Spirit Sessions
Singer song-writerer

The muddy waters of Bellhound Choir

Sitting down with musician Christian Hede Madsen to talk about his solo project Bellhound Choir and making the transition...

Electronic Music

Booka Shade feature Craig Walker

The dynamic duo from Frankfurt are casting new shadows on the streets of Copenhagen.

Experimental Rock


Talking with the noise rock sextet, Narcosatanicos, about their jazzy riffs over heavy distortion, their origin story, and...

Slam Poetry

Harry Baker CPH English Poetry Slam

I got a chance to verbally spar with the Hampshire slam poet, that's taking the TED talk world by storm, about his rise to...

Peter Dyreborg interview with Blacklisted
Slam Poetry

Peter Dryeborg CPH English Poetry Slam

I sat down with Denmark's defender of the spoken word, Peter Dyreborg, to speak about his career as a slam poet, and...

Book Reading and Talk

Ark Books Accursed Growth!

As part of this year's KBH Læser festival, Ark books has put together an evening filled with guest speakers and reading on...

An illustration of Jan Sneum for Blacklisted Magazine
Music & Life

Coffee and vinyl with Jan Sneum

Meeting with 70 year old Danish radio icon for a browse through Insula records and some reminiscing over coffee

Sophie Dupont solo exhibition at Overgaden. Photo in the studio
Solo exhibition
August 25 — September 22

Sophie Dupont solo exhibition

Danish installation and performance artist Sophie Dupont exhibits her newest collection of work which explores the concepts...

Kristin Gunnlaugsdottir 'Superblack'
Double Exhibition
September 2 — December 5

Super Black

Artists Kristín Gunnlaugsdóttir & Margrét Jónsdóttir display a series of artworks that explore of a state of social...

EGA Legionnaire
Live Concert
Thursday • Sept 14

EGA Legionnaire & Dan Brodie

Drone has changed it's face, and moving into a new era by kicking out some jams with EGA Legionnaire and Dan Brodie.

Julie Byrne
Live Concert
Tuesday • Sept. 12

Julie Byrne

Smash!Bang!Pow! & Jazzhouse presents of one of this year's best singer- songwriter's Julie Byrne, to delivers an...