Sculpture and Installation


Artist Matt Manalo speaks about his works which developed from a desire to bring cultural whitewashing into the light - pun intended.

Social installation artwork

Sausage, machines, and views on consumption

Artists Stefanie Rittler and Jan Bernstein talk about their latest project ‘Made in Germany’ and how she uses subjects of consumption and apathy to fuel her work.

Exhibition Performance

An Interview with Helena Sokol

An examination of the profane in the sacred in Helena Sokol's first solo show I C U Smiling.


A retrospective on style, process, and chaos

The Copenhagen-based artist Simon Fensholm dives back through his prolific years to curate a collection of work that expresses the evolution of his style, process, and mindset.

Music and Arts festival

PLX Tjärö Festival

The small Swedish island festival of PLX Tjärö is leading up to its second year, and I sit down with one of its organizers to learn more about what they have planned for this year.

Paint and Illustration

Neon cyber-punk fantasy and the streaming artist

Artist and illustrator Nen Chang talks about the nature of her work, taking advantage of the Twitch community, and building a fan-base outside of the gallery scene.

Performance Installation

The things we do are a bit ridiculous

Speaking with Hannah Anbert on performing the contraptions of exhaustion culture during her current exhibition ‘Slower and Cheaper’ at Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst in Copenhagen

Graphic Illustration

An Interview with Joakim Drescher

Graphic art exploring the terrifying and hilarious depths of existential absurdity.

Still Life

Arnout Van Albada

Dutch artist Arnout van Albada speaks about his tantalizing food portraits and his obsession with creating picturesque expressions of mundane objects.

Contemporary Sculpture

Rose Eken crafts a culture of resistance at V1

The Danish sculpture artist takes us back to a more rebellious youth through her newest collection and speaks about how resistance is more important than ever.

Portrait Painting

Exploring the unorthodox canvases of Juan Miguel Palacios

The Brooklyn-based artist lets us in on his unique selection of mediums and technique for expanding traditional two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional expression.

Modern Cubism

Eric Pause and his fractured moments in time

Exchanging some digital words with the Ontario-based artist about the collabs, spray cans, and dunnys that help shaped his style.

Fashion & Art

Reestablishing a connection between clothing and art

Copenhagen-based Afghan artist Zuhra Hilal speaks about her training in fashion design, and her use of clothing and textile, to explore larger conceptual ideas.


Uncovering figures in the vivid and viscous

Swedish Artist Mikael Takacs reveals his fascinating technique for expressing the human form through his own variation of an ancient Turkish printing technique


Exposing the village of Copenhagen in the town of Denmark

Photographer and architect Troels Steenholdt Heiredal adventures deep in the rural countryside of upstate New York to capture the small town of Copenhagen for his recent project ‘Copenhagen NYDK.’


Speaking in riddles with paint and portrait

Norwegian artist Erik Formoe speaks about his long career as a painter and how he developed his modern symbolist portrait style.


Diving into a vivid chromatic ocean of ink

Artist Mark Lovejoy talks about his colorful motion-filled images capturing the life within ink and paint.

Painting & Print

Nikky Sparre-Ulrich’s newest work

Artist Nicky Sparre-Ulrich explores the cross pollination of modernist and Moroccan culture through the exchange and appropriation of artistic style and aesthetics in his newest work ‘Apery.'

Group Exhibition

I am a scientist

V1 Gallery presents a collection of work by 14 New York based artist, curated by artist Sadie Laska, which explores introspection, existentialism, and the self.

Portrait Painting

Carlos Delgado’s ‘Faces of the System’

The Toronto based visual artist talks about capturing expression in abstract portraiture as a representation of various masks we wear throughout life.

Sound Art

Former Commodity #4 – Tobias Kirstein

Musician and artist Alexander Holm curates another exhibition in his 'Former Commodity' series with guest artist Tobias Kirstein, and we exchanged some words with Kirsten about the process.

Street Artist

The Art of Everyday Life

It’s not easy making your daily routines into art, but Copenhagen artist HuskMitNavn (Remember My Name) has transferred what could be lost in the daily commotion into an appreciation of the small, sincere details.


Volkano’s Symbolistic Transformations

Getting close to the elusive Hamburg-based artist to talk innocence and escapism

Art Fair

London’s Frieze art fair – The Highs & the lows

Our feature writer Helena Sokol visited London’s Frieze art fair to take in the wealth of amazing art and culture along with the bureaucracy and nepotism that rules the art industry.


The twisted animations of Erma Fiend

Talking with the New York based animator whose animated-GIF’s are intentionally walking the line between artistry and entertainment

Installation Exhibition

Bo Christian Larsson ‘Light Traps’

Working from intuition, borrowing from nature, and drawing inspiration from Shakespeare, ‘Light Traps’ is another ambitious collection of work from the Swedish artist

Installation Art

Sophie Dupont’s ‘This will also change’

Visiting the studio of performance and visual artist Sophie Dupont to get a before and after look at her newest work, 'This will also change'. Now currently on exhibition at Overgaden.

Mixed Media Artist

AM DeBrincat and her ‘Hello Sunshine” exhibition

After touching down on Danish soil, I spoke with the NY based artist about her newest collection of work she’ll be exhibiting in Malmø.

Pop Up Exhibition

Pete Lamberto’s Slowroom Contemporary

Looking into the motivations behind a brave new pop-up gallery and how the creation of art will always lead to more art

Low Brow

Entering the void of artist Corey Lamb

Dipping into the lowbrow art stylings of florida-based artist to get the skinny on his work

Mythological Illustration

Caitlin Hackett’s contemporary mythology

Dipping into the carnal, elegant and ritualistic paintings of Oakland native Caitlin Hackett

Sound Art & Installation

Former Commodity #3: Vid Edda

In the third instalment of the Former Commodity series, we see the exploration of the minute spaces between idea and execution.

Installation Art

Carla Chan and ‘The Ashes of Snow’

The Berlin-based artist talks about her relocation from Hong Kong and her shift from digital medias to analog objects.


Joshua Hagler ‘Missouri Parallels’

Catching up with Los Angeles-based artist Joshua Hagler before his forthcoming exhibition of new works at Galleri Oxholm

Sound & Installation Art

Zeno van den Broek’s newest work has us all speaking in temporal fragments

Meeting with the Copenhagen-based, Dutch sound artist to speak with him about his cross-disciplinary installation and sound art before his upcoming premiere of 'Panauditum' at Spor Festival

Low Brow

Karen Lederer & the evocative life of objects

Two Brooklyn girls have a chat, as our voice in New York, AM DeBrincat speaks with artist Karen Lederer about color, process and everyday objects

Abstract art

Håkon Danielsen’s ‘Spejlene’

Reconnecting with the Norwegian artist to chat about the evolution of his work, and the forthcoming collection of work for Galleri Oxholm.

Installation Art

Amalie Jakobsen ‘Wrongdoers’

Talking about the spaces in between objects, people and color with Danish artist Amalie Jakobsen

Sally Santana

Discovering the print and illustration work of fledgling artist Sally Santana, and speaking to her about what inspires her process

Mining the invisible with Kara Rooney

Brooklyn-based artist Kara Rooney speaks about her work, her process and her exploration of sculptural, performative and written works

The self-reflective paintings of John Reuss

German/Danish mixed medium painter John Reuss lets us in on his stylistic approach to visualizing alienation and loss of identity

Performance Art

Anna Garner and her slapstick minimalism

Anna Garner in conversation with our partner ArtFile Magazine's Jade Yumang

Strange Ecologies and environmental living

As a part of the Strange Ecologies group exhibition at X and Beyond, two documentaries will be screened about the future-vision archetects Eugene Tsui and Paolo Soleri

Elly Smallwood

Ottawa-born, Toronto-based artist Elly Smallwood's paintings are lushly-painted testaments to a uniquely personal vision.

Basco5 ‘Black Scorpion Gang’

With live scorpions, back patches and the deadliest tequila, the Basco5 'Black Scorpion Gang' exhibition at Vess did not disappoint

Mixed Media Artist

The Hybrid Identities of AM DeBrincat

Brooklyn-based artist AM Debrincat takes me on a journey through her concept of Hybrid Identities, which drives the content of her vibrant social commentaries.

The micro universes of Rose Eken

Catching up with a woman who is quickly establishing her mark on the Danish art scene before her last solo exhibition 'CAN' at V1 Gallery.

Gettin’ down with Boz Bozzers

Chin wagging with the English artist and illustrator Polly Bosworth about her unique style of work


Eleni Sakelaris

The South-Africa born, Athens-based print artist Eleni Sakelaris talks about her life travels and it's effect on her work

The musical personas of Alexander Holm

Sitting down with musician Christian Hede Madsen to talk about his solo project Bellhound Choir and making the transition from metal to blues.