About - Blacklisted
Blacklisted Copenhagen is a weekly curated list of cultural events happening in, an or around, the city of Copenhagen.
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Blacklisted Copenhagen a cultural events platform for the mostly rainy – but always awesome – city of Copenhagen. Our main focus is providing a short, curated list of weekly events around the city; but, we also like sticking our fingers into the creative meatloaf of life to see what kind of things are baking in there. Our big mission is to be a strong platform for artists, musicians, poets, dancers, actors and creative people to freely showcase the events around their talent without commercial interruption.


Because every artist, musician, dancer, poet or actor—whether famous or unknown—has felt that way at one point in their career. We want to take that feeling of “rejection for being deviant” and make it something that creative people can own. We want to turn the moniker “Blacklisted” into a positive and make it something that defines and artist as a visionary—not an outcast.