Group Exhibition

I am a scientist

V1 Gallery presents a collection of work by 14 New York based artist, curated by artist Sadie Laska, which explores introspection, existentialism, and the self.

Singer Songwriter

Spirit Sessions: Heimatt

In the second instalment of our Spirit Sessions performances, hosted at Copenhagen Distillery, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Heimatt gives us another look at the title track from his latest album.


SPLASTIC: A reflection on work and process

Choreographer Tora Balslev speaks about the work she, and dancer Cath Borch Jensen, did exploring the perceived limitations of the human body and how non-normative bodies affect our perception of what we can and cannot do.

Experimental Noise Rock

EGA Legionnaire

Talking burnt popcorn, paper airplanes, garage-punk, and giant Danish lizards with one of Copenhagen’s most eccentric bands.

Portrait Painting

Carlos Delgado’s ‘Faces of the System’

The Toronto based visual artist talks about capturing expression in abstract portraiture as a representation of various masks we wear throughout life.

Sound Art

Former Commodity #4 – Tobias Kirstein

Musician and artist Alexander Holm curates another exhibition in his 'Former Commodity' series with guest artist Tobias Kirstein, and we exchanged some words with Kirsten about the process.

Eric Nally artwork image for the single 'Ruby'
Indie Pop

The life and times of Eric Nally

From post-hardcore wailing and arena rock prowess, to creating hits with Macklemore, Eric Nally has led a roller coaster life that has culminated in his first upcoming solo album.

Sophie Dupont
Installation Art

Sophie Dupont’s ‘This will also change’

Visiting the studio of performance and visual artist Sophie Dupont to get a before and after look at her newest work, 'This will also change'. Now currently on exhibition at Overgaden.

Tekeraoi am Mananga! Good luck on your journey. Photo by Per Morten Arahamsen
Site Specific Performance

Tekeraoi am Mananga! Good luck on your journey.

Speaking with Ingrid Tranum Velásquez and Pelenise Alofa (of the Island nation of Kiribati) about their performance and plight of a sinking nation

MESHES rehearse photoshoot for Blacklisted
Choreographic Band

The rhythm and moves of MESHES

Taking a deeper look at the four-piece collective that is trying to blur the lines between beats, body, choreography and musical composition

AM DeBrincat 'Plum Sleep' detail from the Hello Sunshine collection
Mixed Media Artist

AM DeBrincat and her ‘Hello Sunshine” exhibition

After touching down on Danish soil, I spoke with the NY based artist about her newest collection of work she’ll be exhibiting in Malmø.

HVASS artwork for the Album 'Nightlife'
Experimental Post Rock

HVASS, ‘Nightlife’, and a Night of Charm

Reconnecting with the man behind the experimental indie band to see how their sound and artistic take on music composition has evolved for their new album

Bleach Blondes live at KB18
Alternative Rock

Bleach Blondes ‘Health’ EP

In a wave of cookie-cutter, 1990's alternative, knock-off bands, Copenhagen's Bleach Blondes slices through the monotony with an EP that pays homage to the era while still maintaining an original sound.

A selected work from Pete Lamberto's Slowroom Contemporary pop-up gallery
Pop Up Exhibition

Pete Lamberto’s Slowroom Contemporary

Looking into the motivations behind a brave new pop-up gallery and how the creation of art will always lead to more art

Press photo of Jernej Bizjak by Institute 0.1

Institute 0.1

Speaking with choreographer and dancer Jernej Bizjak of Slovenia’s Institute 0.1 about artistic community, funding, and his research into anxiety and powerlessness

Lorenzo Woodrose illustration by J.Scott Stratton

Getting the skinny with Lorenzo Woodrose

Talking about the rollercoaster ride of music and rock n’ roll which led the helmsman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat to go back to basics for his latest music project.

Spirit Sessions with The Van for Blacklisted Magazine

Spirit Sessions with:

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Loving our new partnership

We are proud to announce our official partnership with the growing creative social media platform Ello. They’ve built a social media platform for artists, by artists – and that is a vision that we share.

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The Creators Network

Artwork by Colombian artist and photographer Andres Marti

Volkano’s Symbolistic Transformations

Getting close to the elusive Hamburg-based artist to talk innocence and escapism


Phie Ambo’s ‘When You Look Away’

Talking to the creator of one of the most interesting pieces of independent film that I have seen in the last decade, about restructuring her process and re-writing how she worked with film.

Art Fair

London’s Frieze art fair – The Highs & the lows

Our feature writer Helena Sokol visited London’s Frieze art fair to take in the wealth of amazing art and culture along with the bureaucracy and nepotism that rules the art industry.

Sound Art

Video Premier: ‘Far Away’ by Shadow Ray

Forsaking traditional live music structures, Shadow Ray follows more artistic practices in order to explore the limits of studio composition


The twisted animations of Erma Fiend

Talking with the New York based animator whose animated-GIF’s are intentionally walking the line between artistry and entertainment

Experimental Pop

The other worldly sounds of Foonyap

Speaking with the Chinese / Canadian song bird about growing up split between two cultures and how a mix of classical training and rebellion has shaped her sound