Corey Lamb collection for Blacklisted

Entering the void
of artist Corey Lamb

Our writer Helena Sokol dips into the lowbrow art stylings of the florida-based artist to get the skinny on his work.

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Willi Dorner: bodies in urban spaces. Photographer: Lisa Rastl

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Celebrating 10 years of touring the globe, Willi Dorner’s landmark performance-piece is squeezing itself into the tightest spaces of Copenhagen.

Caitlin Hackett 'Heartache'

Caitlin Hackett’s contemporary mythology

Dipping into the carnal, elegant and ritualistic paintings of Oakland native Caitlin Hackett

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Caitlin Hackett 'Heartache'

Caitlin Hackett’s contemporary mythology

Dipping into the carnal, elegant and ritualistic paintings of Oakland native Caitlin...

Former Commodity #3

In the third installment of the Former Commodity series, we see the exploration of the...

Snørre from Danseaterlier at Carrierbag Festival

Photos of the Carrierbag Festival

After the premier of their first festival at Dansehallerne, the choreographers of...

detail of Carla Chan exhibition 'Ashes of Snow' at Den Frie

Carla Chan

The Berlin-based artist talks about her relocation from Hong Kong and her shift from...

Joshua Hagler

Catching up with Los Angeles-based artist Joshua Hagler before his forthcoming exhibition...

Zeno van den Broek’s newest work has us all speaking in temporal fragments

Meeting with the Copenhagen-based, Dutch sound artist to speak with him about his...

Bellhound Choir at Spirit Sessions

The muddy waters of Bellhound Choir

Sitting down with musician Christian Hede Madsen to talk about his solo project Bellhound...

Booka Shade feature Craig Walker

The dynamic duo from Frankfurt are casting new shadows on the streets of Copenhagen.

Narcosatanicos are blowing the doors off everywhere they go

Talking with the noise rock sextet, Narcosatanicos, about their jazzy riffs over heavy...

World champion slam poet Harry Baker comes to CPH Slam

I got a chance to verbally spar with the Hampshire slam poet, that's taking the TED talk...

Karen Lederer & the evocative life of objects

Brooklyn-based artist AM Debrincat takes me on a journey through her concept of Hybrid...

Peter Dyreborg interview with Blacklisted

Meet the godfather of modern Danish slam

I sat down with Denmark's defender of the spoken word, Peter Dyreborg, to speak about his...

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Skraeckoedlan & Hjortene

Two heavy hammers of fuzzy guitar pack into the smallest venue this side of a dive bar shitbox to bombard your eardrums with epic goodness

Neoliberalism, the City, and Changing Forms of Protest

In this talk, Margit Mayer will highlight the features of the neoliberal city and discuss the (changing) forms of resisting, challenging, and...

Fugleflugten & DIET

Two up and coming Danish bands bring their sounds out in the summer sun of outside garden of Pumpehuset