Getting close to the elusive Hamburg-based artist to talk innocence and escapism.

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Low-Brow Art

Volkano’s Symbolistic Transformations

Dipping into the lowbrow art stylings of florida-based artist to get the skinny on his work

London Frieze review by Helena Sokol
Art Fair

London’s Frieze art fair – The Highs & the lows

Our feature writer Helena Sokol visited London’s Frieze art fair to take in the wealth of amazing art and culture along...

Shadow Ray Anders Holst press photo for Blacklisted
Experimental Pop

Video Premier: ‘Far Away’ by Shadow Ray

Forsaking traditional live music structures, Shadow Ray follows more artistic practices in order to explore the limits of...

Erma Fiend feature image

The twisted animations of Erma Fiend

Talking with the New York based animator whose animated-GIF’s are intentionally walking the line between artistry and...

Foonyap photo by Anastasia Lutz Orozco for interview with Blacklisted
Experimental Pop

The other worldly sounds of Foonyap

Speaking with the Chinese / Canadian song bird about growing up split between two cultures and how a mix of classical...

Bo Christian Larrson in Gallery Eighteen - Photo by Jan Søndergaard
Installation Art & Exhibition

Bo Christian Larsson ‘Light Traps’

Working from intuition, borrowing from nature, and drawing inspiration from Shakespeare, ‘Light Traps’ is another...

Son Ash Andreas Pallisgaard album art - photo for Blacklisted
Album release

Son Ash

Musical aficionado Andreas Pallisgaard takes his years of collaborative expertise and compiles them together of his recent...

Per Bloch portrait by Lars-Schwander
Album Remake

Per Bloch: KOKORO remakes

One year after artist/musician Per Bloch hit the scene with an album that defied logic, he's back at the workbench remaking...

Eric Nally artwork image for the single 'Ruby'
New Solo Record

The life and times of Eric Nally

From post-hardcore wailing and arena rock prowess, to creating hits with Macklemore, Eric Nally has led a roller coaster life...

Sophie Dupont
Visual and Performance exhibition

Sophie Dupont’s ‘This will also change’

Visiting the studio of performance and visual artist Sophie Dupont to get a before and after look at her newest work, 'This...

Tekeraoi am Mananga! Good luck on your journey. Photo by Per Morten Arahamsen
Site specific performance

Tekeraoi am Mananga! Good luck on your journey.

Speaking with Ingrid Tranum Velásquez and Pelenise Alofa (of the Island nation of Kiribati) about their performance and...

MESHES rehearse photoshoot for Blacklisted
Performance Band

The rhythm and moves of MESHES

Taking a deeper look at the four-piece collective that is trying to blur the lines between beats, body, choreography and...